Clapup ( is a SaaS platform, that helps local business to manage their location based reviews, social media pages, collect video testimonials and to gather customer feedback. Our vision is to empower local business with digital brand transformation for better customer experiences. It helps business to manage multiple Google Business Profile, and Facebook Pages to effectively and efficiently manage their locations and brands. We also believe that, improving business service and making customers happier involves constantly monitoring the feedback, analyzing it and learning from it. Clapup provides a complete solution for monitoring reviews from multiple location, collecting feedback, video testimonials and managing the social media profiles.

Clapup Features

Review Management

This module help users to connect to multiple Google Business profile locations for viewing and responding to the reviews posted. We also have a feature for viewing Google Questions and responding to the questions asked by the users. 

Facebook Listening

This module helps in connecting to the multiple Facebook pages for managing comments and mentions posted by page audiences and respond to them in one place.

Video Testimonials

This allows users to collect video testimonials from their customers and embed such videos on their websites.

Customer Feedback

This module allows users to collect feedback privately with a link.


Biopage is a module where our customers can set a Link in Bio kind of page with their custom domain mapped to it. They can add variety of links like text links, embed video, nested link etc. 

About Using Google OAuth 2

How we will use Google OAuth2?

We use Google OAuth2 for following purpose

  1. Users need to sign in for accessing our application and to use the features. 
  2. To integrate Google Accounts to connect Google Business Profile for users to access their reviews, Question and Answers. It also enable them to view, reply and embed reviews, Question and Answers on their websites.

What Data we access and store?

We access following data once a users successfully authenticated their accounts. 

  1. User Id
  2. User name
  3. Email Address
  4. Profile Picture 
  5. Google reviews of their respective Google Business profiles
  6. Google Question and Answers posted on their Google Business Profile Locations.

We use email to identify the user . We also use this email to update them about our product development and new feature releases. 

Reviews that we fetched from the Google Business profile API’s will be stored in our system with users consent (Which we state in our Privacy Policy). These reviews are frequently updated by a background worker service to make sure that Users get updated reviews.

How we use the Data we fetched from Google?

For the customers that subscribed to our review management feature, We will collect the publicly available review data from the sites that we integrate. This data will be stored and used for managing, visualizing and analyzing such review data.

For Reviewers

  • If you had reviewed any of our customers business or service, and if that customer us using our review management solution, We will use your  information to respond to reviews through our system. This information are not shared with any third-party.

How this application helps users to enhance their workflow?

Clapup helps business owners /users to manage multiple Google locations (Reviews, Question and Answers) from a single dashboard. It helps them to view, and respond to reviews without switching into multiple Google accounts. Another major advantage is the ability to embed the reviews into their website.

How do we share the user data that we collect?

We don’t share the user data with anyone.

What are the security measures implemented to protect the information?

We use appropriate tools and technologies to make sure that data is stored, and processed without any sort of potential vulnerabilities that can provide un authorized access to any outsiders.

Secure Socket layer: All data are transported with a SSL secured communication channel and is encrypted and protected with digital signatures.

JSON Web Tokens (JWT): Communication and data transfer between our API and front end applications happens only after successful authentication using JWT tokens.

Secret Key based authentication: We also have an additional layer of protection in the form of API keys.

CORS headers: We set CORS headers for making sure that only allowed domains are used for transferring data.

We also constantly monitor our infrastructure for any abnormal behavior and mitigate any sort of network threats using a web application firewall.

Google OAuth2 Limited Use Disclosure

This app doesn’t request restricted or sensitive scopes. Use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy. 

Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is located here

Terms and Conditions

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Cookie Policy

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